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Transparent VeilTransparent VeilTransparent VeilTransparent VeilTransparent VeilTransparent Veil

Beautiful transparent hood is taken for the year 1640. Sometimes a lady needs to cover her hair. On a hot day a lady needs to cover her hair in public and this is a very lovely way to wear it. The item is made from transparent fabric that looks like silk. The colour is ivory. The hood ties at the bottom. Simply tuck the base into the neckline of your gown and drape the hood over your hair. There is a tiny loop inside to secure a bobby pin or hat pin. The design creates a billowing effect at the back whilst you walk. Very pretty indeed.

Below is a picture of the hood draped over a rather tall English style hat. As you can see this hood will easily cover big hair and head dresses.

Transparent VeilTransparent VeilTransparent Veil

Pale Blue Transparent Hood

Pale Pink Transparent Hood

Black Transparent Hood

Item Name: Transparent Ivory Hood from the 1640's
Item Number: hats 413
Price: $70.00

Peek a Boo HatPeek a Boo HatPeek a Boo Hat

Ivory Satin 40's Peek-a-Boo Style Hat with Ivory Rose

Inspired by the 1940's peek-a-boo style this hat is delightful. The hat is ivory satin. There is a hidden hair comb to keep the hat steady whilst you swing dance.

This hat available in the following colours:

Ivory Satin 40's Peek-a-Boo Hat Rose Red Satin 40's Peek-a-boo Hat Rose Purple Satin 40s Peek-a-boo Rose Black Satin 40s Peek-a-Boo Hat Rose Blue Satin 40s Peek-a-Boo Hat Rose

Item Name: Ivory Satin 40's Peek-a-Boo Style Hat with Ivory Rose
Item Number: renaissance hat 124
Price: $121.00

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